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Our Place in Space by Oliver Jeffers

Our Place in Space Coming in 2022

For centuries, we've defined ourselves by who we are and who we're not. Which side we choose, on what ground we stand, who and what we fight for. A human story, that lives merely in human minds.

But with distance comes perspective...

Trial Illustration

Our Place in Space is a playful experiment that asks: What is the difference between 'US' and 'THEM'? What happens to your perspective when you look back at earth from space?

Centred around an epic scale model of the solar system designed by the artist Oliver Jeffers, Our Place in Space combines a three-dimensional sculpture trail, interactive AR app and exciting learning and events programmes.

The Our Place in Space sculpture trail will stretch over 10 kilometres and will travel from a riverside location in Derry~Londonderry (April / May) to Divis and Black Mountain in Belfast (June / July), before heading to Cambridge (August) and returning to Northern Ireland at the Transport Museum and North Down Coastal Path (September / October).

Visitors, communities, school children and online audiences will have multiple opportunities for participation and creation through art, science and technology.

From creating a star to writing a symphony for the universe, inventing a new form of transport, building a Minecraft planet, or connecting with space watchers in Vietnam or Iraq, Our Place in Space will ensure participants will never look at our solar system in quite the same way again.

STEAM-based learning and wide-ranging events programmes will explore what it means to live on Earth in 2022, and how we might better share and protect our planet in future.

Our Place in Space is Northern Ireland's project for UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK, commissioned by Belfast City Council.

The Northern Ireland team behind Our Place in Space is led by the Nerve Centre and includes artists Oliver Jeffers and Die Hexen, award-winning scientist Professor Stephen Smartt from the Astrophysics Research Centre at Queen's University Belfast, as well as National Museums NI, NI Science Festival, Big Motive, Taunt, Microsoft, Jeffers & Sons, University of Cambridge, Dumbworld, Live Music Now, Little Inventors, and Urban Scale Interventions.

Location partners include Derry City & Strabane District Council, National Trust, Cambridge City Council and Ards & North Down Borough Council.

Trail Structures

Part visitor attraction, part immersive learning experience, Our Place in Space will bring together millions of people across the UK in an act of purposeful and meaningful inquiry.

Our Place in Space asks: Which side are we on? Are we 'US' or are we 'THEM'? And should there really be any 'sides' at all once we view ourselves, alone on a tiny planet – the only one that can harbour life – from the vastness of outer space?

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Thanks. Nikki Devlin, Chris Haughton and Richard Seabrooke for the first steps on the journey, Chris Heaney, Eimear Henry (Belfast City Council) and Cian Smyth.